Raster to vector art is handy for engraving, silk screening, vinyl lettering and other processes that require a hard line.

For this special Yeti I took the picture of Cherry and created vector art then emailed that file to Norman Stamp and Seal. My client went there and picked out his Yeti. They engraved it with the vector art file made from the photo.

Coloring Book Art & Ads


If you are looking for a fun project for your readers, consider a customized coloring book. It is relatively inexpensive to print since the inside pages are all black and white and the advertisers will love it!

Get in touch if you'd like more information or samples of some I've done.

Logos for signs & shirts

Did you sign up for a sponsorship that includes a sign and t-shirt with your logo, but the vendor needs vector art and all you have is a jpeg or a png? I can make vector art from either of those.