Norman Public Art Guide

One morning I received a text from a publisher asking if I was up for a new project. Always.

When I arrived in his office to discuss it, he said, "We need to do a Public Art book," and handed me a copy of one done by a sister paper.

From there I was basically on my own to decide what would go in the book, how it was organized, and what the finished product would look like.

With the exception of the OU section which was shot by Ted Satterfield, I shot all of the art with iPhone 14. The maps I drew in InDesign.

I did each section as a separate layout to prevent a large working InDesign file then combined them when each was complete.

A separate 6 page cover created an extra problem when uploading files to the printer. But in the end it all came together, and the Guide is a really nice piece with a foldout map on the back cover.

Click on the cover to see a complete flip book.