Cousins Retreat – Day 3

We had all arrived the night before, the coffee grinder was going non-stop and cousins came in and out.

After a breakfast of leftover pizza and cherry danish Ursula and I went for a hike along the haul road.

Beautiful Laguna Point

Shawn had activities planned and those who chose to went to the beach.

Thank you, Tim for the beach art!
Girl cousins.
It was a long day for the brothers.

Back at headquarters Saturday night supper was being prepared.

Fresh salmon and tuna on the grill
Grilled and ready to serve!
For dessert homegrown, homemade blueberry sauce from Jackie – it was so very delicious – wish you were there to serve it!
And then the stories. . .

2 thoughts on “Cousins Retreat – Day 3”

  1. We would have enjoyed being with you all but my 50th class reunion was definitely special. 25 of my classmates were there. 18 have passed away from a class of 70.
    Anna said she wants to come to the next Boehs reunion in New York!

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