Katy Trail Day 1 – Oct. 2021

I left home early Thursday morning (Oct. 21st) headed to Clinton, MO to ride a section of the Katy Trail I’d not ridden the other two times I was there.

Katy Trail here I come!
Arrived around 3pm. Got my bike shorts on and headed for the trail.
Clinton to Calhoun 9.75 miles. I rode 5.25 and headed back. Will drive to Calhoun in the morning and ride back to where I turned around. Then continue to work my way to Sedalia (35 miles) riding out and back chunks.
Beautiful, peaceful place to be.

The trail looks a lot like this most of the way to Sedalia and some beyond.

No bike ride day is complete without a big dinner. Chips and salsa, chicken, rice and beans.  

Don’t come thinking to lose weight!

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