Katy Trail Day 2 – Clinton to Sedalia

This is about what the ride was today. Lots of trees sheltering the trail. Very peaceful – a little cool early on but warmed up nicely.
Beautiful, quiet creek – one of many along the trail.
This is the bridge over the creek above. This one is called Sand Creek but there is another one I crossed several times. Tebo Creek.
Who knew? He’s everywhere!
Ran into a lady bike packing hut to hut from Clinton to St. Charles – we took each other’s picture.
I did not ride on from here. Just didn’t look that appealing and the day was young. There was a bench so I took a break and had a phone chat with Ursula. That was nice.
And Sedalia – end of the trail for today. All together I rode 35 miles between Clinton and Sedalia. Not every mile in
between but the same distance.

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