Roman Nose State Park

Site consideration for JJ Boehs Reunion 2020

Where to start?

I think one thing we need to do before we go any further with this is to talk to Bob and Willamae and some of the other cousins like Ken and Jerry and Rose and Mary Jane to see if they are ok with moving the site. It is 35 miles from Fairview. Is that a deal breaker for those from Goltry and/or Kansas, etc.

Those of us who were together in California know the advantage of having a place to spend extended time together. But if you only wanted a day trip. . .

Having said that, IF we decide to have it here (and I am all in) this is what we have to consider and to look forward to.


As for the group facility - it is locked - gate and all - and I've been unable to see it. I did find out it rents for $150 a day and supposedly has a fully furnished kitchen. Also you have to make an application for it and they review and approve applications in January. Lot of unanswered questions there. But if I have to make several trips back I'm ok with that. Sharon and Rose made three or four trips to the coast in preparation. I am prepared to make the same sort of sacrifice.

Cabins - there are 11 cabins. There are 5 of these duplex looking buildings that have 2 each.

Amenities include queen-sized beds, a queen sleeper sofa in the living room, a full kitchen, microwave, coffee pot, dishes, linens and a fireplace. Two of the cabins are pet-friendly.

And then this Pioneer Cabin on the lake

Overlooking Lake Boecher, the Pioneer Cabin can sleep up to five people between a queen-sized sleeper sofa in the living room and a full bed and fully adjustable twin bed in the bedroom. It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, ground-level entry shower and spacious floor plan to accommodate ADA guests.

And my favorite place to stay - The Lodge.

For a truly memorable stay, book a night at the beautiful Roman Nose State Park Lodge. The 22-room lodge, originally constructed in 1956, has been completely renovated to reflect the natural landscape of the area. The reconstruction emphasizes the lodge's original mid-century design, while beautifully updating the look to today's modern standards. The newly decorated rooms feature large showers, comfy beds, contemporary furnishings and large flat-screen televisions. The lodge also features several conference rooms and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pets are not allowed in the lodge.

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