Katy Trail Day 4

I am now traveling with a Road Scholar group. Twenty four guests and staff consisting of 1 bus/SAG driver, 1 outfitter with van and trailer for the bikes and extra SAG, 3 trail riders and the program coordinator.

I left my car safely parked in the hotel parking lot and for the next 7 days all I have to worry about is riding my bike and getting to the bus on time. All food and hotel accommodations are taken care of as well as any bike maintenance that may need to be done. One the trail we are supported by a lead rider, middle of the pack rider and sweep rider. To my notion this is by far the most comfortable and safest way to ride the Katy Trail.

No biking today but a day off my bike to rest felt pretty good. Part of any Road Scholar trip is educational activities. This trip we visited the Churchill Museum and St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury Church at Fulton MO.

Sunday morning church. St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury Church of England. 
Google it.
Churchill Museum – he gave his Iron Curtain speech here.
A big piece of the Berlin Wall is on the same site

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