Katy Trail Day 5

Sedalia to Booneville – 35 miles

35.5 miles / 3 hours and 49 minutes. We had 3 segments – leaving Sedalia our first SAG stop was 12 miles to Clifton City.
From there it was another 12 miles to Pilot Grove where we had a trailside lunch.
This second segment was brutal. It has a 7 mile stretch with a 3% grade and will tax even the hardiest rider.
After lunch the other 12 miles to Boonville didn’t feel too bad.
The leaves are starting to change more as we get closer to the river. But this is closer to Sedalia. Farmland on the right.
A blanket of color along the trail.
The trail looked a lot like this the closer we got to Boonville. I didn’t take a lot of pictures – mostly had my head down pedaling. It was 48 degrees when we started and didn’t warm up much past 53. And a little breezy.

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